How to Put Audio Bible Chapters in Order on Your Playlist

The audio files have been tagged according to the international standard for mp3 tags; ID3V2. Attached is a "master.m3u" listing which was exported from mp3tagger 2.66. (See illustration below master.m3u).

The order of the audio file "presentation" is dependent upon how you select to view the audio files in iTunes, or any other mp3 media player.

In iTunes, for example, the default is to display, and play, audio files in alpha-numeric order, not in the order of the Holy Bible chapters. When you open these in iTunes, by default Amos or Acts will appear first in the list.

We have ordered the chapter files so that each "Book" of the Bible is a "Album" to iTunes, Media Player, Real Player, and the like. We have also "numbered" the Books of the Bible so that they will appear in order from "01 Genesis" through "66 Revelation". When iTunes is used, and "Album" view is selected, then the "Albums" appear in order. We have also placed all of the "Albums" under the "Artist" of Alexander Scourby.

When the audio is synced to any device that can use iTunes for syncing, the files are transferred to the device. On the iPhone, iPod, and and Touch device, again, the default display is to present the files in alpha-numeric order. When you select "Music" on these devices, the default is "songs". If you tap "more" and "album" or whatever, the files are ordered. So the sequence would be "Music" -> "Album" -> 01 Genesis through 66 Revelation albums are displayed.

You can create custom playlists using whatever software is available on your device or within iTunes or Windows Media Player.

The following demonstrates the process using Windows Media Player under Windows 8.

When you download the zip file "" and "Extract All" under Windows 8 (in this example). If you open the extracted folder of the 1,189 mp3 files, you will see that they are in order. See attachment step1.jpg.

If you open Windows Media Player and simply drag the folder to the Music Library you will also see that the audio files are in order. See attachment step2.jpg.

When you click the "Play" tab in Windows Media Player, assuming you have no play lists, you can simply drag as many audio files as you wish to the right pane to create any play list of your choosing. See attachment step3.jpg where I will have placed the first 10 chapters of Genesis in a play list.

Similar procedures are used with Real Player, VLC, and any other software which can read mp3 audio file tags.

Beyond this, if you will tell me what make/model mp3 player you are using and I will be happy to look into their suggested process.

If you desire more detailed instructions please provide me a bit more about what operating system you are using; windows, Linux, or Mac Book Pro. as well as what mp3 player you are using.

I would also Google any questions you have about this since you can find out most of everything you want to know about this online.