Working with the Sony Walkman

Step: 1

Transferring the mp3 files using Sony's "Content Transfer Software"

Visit the Sony website and download their "Content Transfer Software" for your specific Sony Walkman

Step: 2

Install the software

Of course you have to accept Sony's software agreement.

Step: 3

Transferring the files

  • a. Launch the "Content Transfer Software" program (application)
  • b. Highlight and copy all of the files in the "ndkjv" folder. (On Windows you may simply "CTRL-A" followed by "CTRL-C" to 'select' all the files.
  • c. "Drag" the selected files over the "Content Transfer" image.

Step: 4

Wait for it...

It will take a few minutes for the transfer to complete. You will be transferring 1,189 chapter mp3 files (2Gb) over your USB cable. A progress dialog will display the process progression.

Creating a Play List

You may want to create one or more play lists for your collection. By default all 1,189 files are in a single play list. One method of doing this is to create a play list for any collection of the files. In this case we will create two play lists, one for the Old Testament, and one for the New Testament.

Step: 5

Creating the Old Testament play list

  • a. Highlight all of the files of the Old Testament, 01_Genesis_01 through 39_Malachi_04.
  • b. Right-click to reveal the context menu.
  • c. Click the "Create Playlist" menu item to create the playlist.
  • d. The default name of the new playlist will be "New Playlist". It will be highlighted, so simply rename the "New Playlist" to "Old Testament".

Step: 6

Create another Playlist

Simply repeat the process by selecting all of the files from 40_Matthew_01 through 66_Revelation_22 and create the "New Testament" playlist.


After you unplug your Walkman, you will be able to play the collection either "By Artist", "By Album" (where each Book of the Holy Bible is an "album"), or by the two playlists you created. You can create as many playlists as you need.