Importing to iTunes

Step: 1

Open iTunes and your windows explorer so that the two screens appear side by side as shown below.

Step: 2

Simply drag the "ndkjv" folder from the right side screen and drop it into the iTunes music library in left screen..

Step: 3 iTunes will start processing the files. You will see it's progress dialog starting with Genesis.

Step: 4

As iTunes progresses, it will gradually add each Book of the Holy Bible as an "Album".

Step: 5

When you click on any "album" it will reveal the "songs" (chapters) in the album.

Notice this is "Album" view of iTunes".

Step: 23

In "Songs" view all songs are in alpha-numeric order. This means, it is possible that Amos may appear in the list before Genesis. For this reason we precede each Book with it's associated numeric value; e.g. 01 Genesis through 66 Revelation, so that the "Album" or "Artist" view will always show the Books of the Holy Bible in order.

The following screens display the varies "order" displays.