How do I transfer my mp3 download from to my iPhone?

  1. Once the file has been downloaded (to a WINDOWS or MAC PC), simply double click the zip file to "extract all" files. The 1,189 mp3 files will be placed in a folder called "dkjv" or "ndkjv". 
  2. Next simply place (drag) this folder to your iTunes "Music" library.
  3. How to do this is explained in a number of places on on the web:
  4. We have also used the commercial "PodTrans" app on the Macbook Pro and Windows 8 PC which will allow you to drag the folder to the device without iTunes.
  5. Once transferred, the audio will appear under "Music", "By Artist", "Alexander Scourby" in order. The order is that each Book of the Bible is treated as an "Album" listed as "01 Genesis" through "66 Revelation".