Managing the mp3 Zipfile (after downloading)

Step 1:

Extracting the mp3 files from the zip file

Locate your downloaded zip file "". It is located in the "Downloads" folder on your computer. Sometimes this folder is located under the "My Documents" folder in the folder "Downloads" e.g. ...\My Documents\Documents\

Step: 2

The current ZIP file is approximately 2Gb in size.

Step: 3

You simply open the context menu (right-click the name) and click the "Extract All..." menu option. Under Windows the "Extract All" link may be in the left menu panel, or at the top of the Explorer window.

Step: 4

Select a Destination

You can "Browse" to another location on you PC. Just remember where....

Step: 5

Extract the files from the ZIP file

A popup dialog will display the progress of the extraction process.

Step: 6

Viewing the files extracted.

After the files have been extracted, they will be placed in a folder called "ndkjv" (or "dkjv" for the dramatized set of files.)

Step: 7

Verify the files have been extracted

You will notice the files are in order from 01_Genesis_01 through 66_Revelation_22.