How long does it take to download the Zip file?

How long does it take to download the mp3 zip file?

  1. Many ask this question. There is no single quick answer; however, if you could assume that your connection to the internet was your only factor to consider then, and only then, would we be able to calculate how long it would take for you to download a 2Gb file (2,000,000,000 bytes). The chart below is an "under ideal conditions" chart. Simply select your connection speed and to the right will be the time it would take to download the 2Gb zip file. If you would like to test your download speed to my server on HostGator (located in Texas, USA) then please try the link below.

    Download Link Test

  2. After you have determined what your download speed is (approximately) simply refer to this chart. The chart is based on a 2Gb download under ideal conditions.