Downloading from your online invoice

Step: 1

After submitting your order you will be presented with an invoice. A copy of the invoice will also be mailed to your email address which you provided on the shopping cart.

The invoice contains a "DOWNLOAD NOW" link. You may download imediately after your purchase, or from the instructions you receive in your confirmation email.

Step: 2

Click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" link/button to start the download process.

Step: 3

Most browsers will display the name of the file being downloaded in the "status bar" (bottom of the web page). The name of the file for the Voice Only version is ""; Dramatized version is "", etc..

If you "right-click" in most browsers, you can view the file's location by selecting the "Show in folder" from the context menu.

Step: 4

Optionally you may select your browser's settings menu and select "Downloads" to view the download location and file being downloaded.

Step: 5

In the "Downloads" view you may also click either the "Show in folder" link or the "Open Downloads Folder" to view the file in the system's default windows explorer view.

Step: 6

These are very large files which may take from 40 minutes to over 12 hours to download depending on your internet connection. To estimate how long your download please review our page at Download Times

Step: 7 - Un-zipping the mp3 download Zip file

There are a number of ways to open a zip file in windows, mac, and linux PCs. From the Windows Explorer view you can click the "Extract All" Icon. Optionally, you can double-click the zip filename, or even right-click, and extract the contents from the context menu.

Step: 8

When the zip file wizard starts it allows you to enter another destination for the contents as well as to allow you to view the list of files after they have been extracted.

Step: 9

After you click "Extract" from the wizard dialog, the progress bar will display while the files are being extracted.

Step: 10

After the extraction of the files completes, you will see the folder (in this case) "ndkjv" in the windows explorer view.

Step: 11

Double click, or open, the folder. You will see 1,189 mp3 files, one for each chapter of the Holy Bible.

iTunes - Importing chapter files to iTunes

Step: 18

Open iTunes and your windows explorer so that the two screens appear side by side as shown below.

Step: 19

Simply drag the "ndkjv" folder from the right side screen and drop it into the iTunes music library in left screen..

Step: 20 iTunes will start processing the files. You will see it's progress dialog starting with Genesis.

Step: 21

As iTunes progresses, it will gradually add each Book of the Holy Bible as an "Album".

Step: 22

When you click on any "album" it will reveal the "songs" (chapters) in the album.

Notice this is "Album" view of iTunes".

Step: 23

In "Songs" view all songs are in alpha-numeric order. This means, it is possible that Amos may appear in the list before Genesis. For this reason we precede each Book with it's associated numeric value; e.g. 01 Genesis through 66 Revelation, so that the "Album" or "Artist" view will always show the Books of the Holy Bible in order.

The following screens display the varies "order" displays.

Step: 24

Step: 25

Step: 26

Step: 27

Step: 28

Step: 29