How to Install Audio Bible Mp3 Files on you SamSung Galaxy

1. Install the appropriate driver for your Galaxy S2, S3, etc. from SamSung

2. When you first plug in the USB cable to the Galaxy S2, you can indicated to Windows to "Open" the device as a default. In the case of the Galaxy S2, the device is the SGH-T989 (Yours may be different.), and the Windows Explorer will (or should) display "Internal Storage" as the 'drive'.

3. Double click or open the "Internal Storage" device in Windows Explorer.

4. The folder "Music" should appear in the list of folders on the device.

5. Double click or open the Music folder.

6. If you have not already done so, extract the contents of the "" file you purchased from The 1,189 mp3 files will be located in the folder "ndkjv".

7. Drag the folder, for example, from the Desktop to the open "Music" folder.

8. If this is the first time you have done this, a popup dialog will appear Asking if you want to copy "01_Genesis_01.mp3" to your device.

9. Click the check box "Do this for all files"

19. Click the "Yes" link in the dialog.

The transfer process will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

After the transfer completes, you may disconnect the USB cable from the device.

Now, on the Galaxay, select "Music Player" from the "apps" icon at the bottom of the screen.

The order of the display will depend on which icon you select at the top of the screen.

"All" - All music in your device will be displayed in Alpha-Numeric order; that is, if you only have the Holy Bible loaded, then "Acts 1" will appear first in the list.

"Playlists" - Will only show any playlists you have created. There are NO playlists delivered with the Bible download.

"Albums" - (Depends on what you may have already loaded) The Holy Bible will appear in order from "01 Genesis" through "66 Revelation"
If you select "01 Genesis" or any Book, the chapters will be in order "Genesis 1".

"Artists" - "Alexander Scourby"

"Folders" - "ndkjv"

NOTE: When you first select a Book, and chapter file, you may see a warning that the device cannot play this media type. However, on my Galaxy S2, the audio started playing and I was able to navigate to any of the chapter files.