This Help page provides answers on ordering and downloading the YouBible App for Android and Apple users, downloading the MP3 Audio Bible to a computer and how to upload the Mp3 Audio files to an mp3 player and to an iPhone.

Those ordering the iPhone or iPad app will have to order that directly from the iTunes Store. Those ordering the android app from our web site need to download it directly to your mobile device. Don't download it your computer and then try to download it to your mobile device, that won't work.

Also there are a few things that you need to check first.

1. Please check your device to make sure you have about 1 gig of space. This is a large app mainly due to the audio files. However, the YouBible App is fully installed on your device so you won't need an Internet Connection for the YouBible App to work and there are no audio files you will need to stream from a server.

2. For Android users, in your settings under permissions, you will need to check the box that will permit you to download 3rd party Apps. This feature it normally turned off, so you need to turn it on to be able to download the YouBible App from our web site to your device. The YouBible App is also available on the Google Play Store and

Below are support links to the most asked support questions by users. If we missed any, please send us an email at

God Bless you and Thank you for your support.

YouBible Support Team

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