MP3 King James Bible

For the uninitiated, an MP3 is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, used to transfer and playback music or books on digital audio players. The MP3 King James Bible can not only be downloaded to your computer, it can be transferred to your MP3 player and iPhone, making it easy to take your audio Bible everywhere you go.

This is a perfect personal solution if you have always wished that you were more familiar with what is written in the Bible but simply did not have time to dedicate to reading, and what used to take years to learn can now be learned in just weeks from a King James Audio Bible. In order to become a grounded follower of Christ, time must be spent in Bible study. Despite our good intentions, it is very easy to slide into the habit of cutting Bible study time out of our busy schedule. By using the new audio Bible mediums, your study time does not have to suffer as it can now be incorporated into our hectic schedule with a minimum amount of effort. The MP3 King James Bible also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who may have difficulty in reading or may be unable to attend services due to physical limitations.

The MP3 format is especially desirable with teens and a great method to get them started off right with good habits that will help them mature into wise adults. Between classes, sports and homework after school, and the numerous other responsibilities and tasks that your teenagers must deal with, it can be difficult to find the needed time to devote to Bible Study. Because of their extreme popularity with youth, the MP3 King James Version of the Bible makes it very inconspicuous, and its small size makes it easily transportable and provides a great alternative to help encourage your teens to grow spiritually.

Whether you are driving, exercising, waiting for someone or something, or have are seeking to dedicate a set amount of time for meditation, the MP3 King James Bible can bring the much needed spiritual nourishment back into your life.

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