King James Audio Bible

Between 1604 and 1611, King James I of England authorized a new English translation of the Bible that is now commonly known as the King James Version. Thanks to todayís technology, spoken recordings of books have brought storytelling back to its beginnings and the King James audio bible can now be downloaded directly to your computer and transferred to your MP3 player, iPhone or iPod.

For centuries, people have turned to the King James Bible for comfort and inspiration during troubled times but it has become increasingly difficult to find the time to read and study the Bible. Because of time constraints (and despite good intentions) Bible study has fallen by the wayside and we suffer as a result. This does not need to be the case; multi-tasking is already an integral part of our lives and it is easy enough to incorporate the audio Bible into our routine.

Those who work in an office can find time during the day when one can listen to the audio Bible; breaks and lunch are perfect opportunities to turn to your KJV audio Bible, especially if you are experiencing a hard day and need a spiritual lift to get you back on track with an improved attitude. Students can listen to the Bible while walking to classes on campus or waiting in lines. Whether one is working out at the gym, taking a walk or commuting, the King James audio Bible can be used to your spiritual benefit. One might even set aside a block of time to simply sit back and enjoy the luxury of hearing the greatest story ever told. The audio bible would be a perfect way to spend the evening when the family is gathered together.

There are simple Old and New Testament narrations as well as dramatized versions that utilize music and sound effects with different characters narrating the Bible. Dramatizations can be a good way of sharing the Word of God, as more people might be more willing to listen than to sit down and read.

With the King James audio Bible and its ability to be portable, there is never a reason to deny ourselves of the inspirational messages of Godís Word, just one KJV bible download away.

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