From the KJV Bible in 1611 to Scourby KJV Audio Bible APP 2013

Did you know that prior to King James of England decreeing an official translation of a Bible in English be printed in 1604, that it was a crime, punishable by death, for anyone to speak or write a word in English from the Latin Bible. Do you further know that thousands of people were killed and burned at the stake for either writing or translating the Latin Bible into English?

Most have never heard about this awful story and you are probably hearing it now for the first time. William Tyndale was the person most responsible for translating the Bible into English in the late 1500’s. He was eventually captured and burned at the stake for his crime. You can see that powerful story here right now in this great documentary video we have posted on Scourby.com. It’s called the Indestructible Book and it’s the story of how we got our first Bible in English. This is a video that will give you a new appreciation for the King James Bible and all those dear souls who gave their lives so we could have a Bible in English.

Since 1611 to 2012, think about how drastically things have changed. Up to 1975 if you wanted to access the King James Bible, you would have had to do it like they did in 1611, with a book. Alexander Scourby was the first to record the Bible on Long Play records for the American Foundation of the Blind in the 1950’s. Then in 1975 cassette tapes became popular and that wonderful narration by Alexander Scourby was put on millions of cassette tapes over the years for all to hear, Then in the 90’s the Scourby Bible was put on CD’s then starting in 2000, it was put on DVD’s and The Bible MP3 Download and now in 2012 we now have the very latest technological wonder, the Alexander Scourby Bible Study APPs for Apple and Android devices, which is really the Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book.

The current technology of being able to put the entire King James Bible on smart phones and tablets, that go with the your wherever you go, is the biggest technological advance since the invention of the Guttenberg Press in the 15 century. By the way, the first thing they printed on the Guttenberg press was the Latin Bible, but it wasn’t for everyone. Only the aristocrats could read it, the Clergy in the Church of England, University Professors and students. In fact the Church and the Government of England forbid the average person from knowing what was written in the Bible, and that’s why they had laws passed making it crime to speak or write words from the Bible in English.

This amazing new Audio Bible APP technology now permits millions of people to have a Audio Bible APP downloaded to their mobile devices permitting users to instantly access the Bible whenever and wherever they want. It’s an amazing revolutionary invention for mankind. The Audio Bible APP is feature rich and the best two features are being able to search the Bible for anything that you can think of and then creating playlists from those searches. Get a Audio Bible Study APP for the device of your choice and start taking it with you and redeem your time as you multitask. Take a few moments to view the video above and be amazed how far we have come since 1611 and thank God for the freedom you have today to listen to his life changing words without fear of persecution or prosecution.


  1. Phoebe Morison says:

    Love the blog post, I have read them all and they are are wealth of information. Got the Audio Bible app and the Bible Mp3 download and love them. What a time save they are.