Scourby You Bible, “The Ultimate Bible App, a Perfect Bible Companion”!

Bible Apps are becoming more and more popular and millions are being download every month and are, “The newest way to access the oldest Book”. announces the introduction of a very popular Bible app they call You Bible for Apple and Android devices. The company reported that have been offering a Bible download of Audio Bible mp3 files for a number of years. The most popular has been the King James Bible Download narrated by Alexander Scourby. However, the new generation app is the most impressive thus far. The all new release of the You Bible App, which the company has trademarked as “The Ultimate Bible App”, is garnering praise from users all over the country, one saying “being able to have the Bible with me for instant access and inspiration is a real blessing”. has stated that the Holy Bible App market is very hot. Users say that the You Bible App is a cut above other Bible Apps with Patent pending features like playlist, a user interface that’s sync the text and audio together with hands free auto scroll with the text being read highlighted in yellow. Developer, Rob Reece stated, “the playlist feature is so powerful that if a user so desired they could actually re-organize all 31,102 verses in the KJV Bible download in any order user so chooses”. Mr. Reece added, “no one would probably ever do that, but the capability is there with the Holy Bible App”. “Most users use this powerful feature to create playlists of favorite Bible verses, themed scripture verses or sleep time verses”. Another popular feature reported is the repeat button that users love since it aids them in Bible verse memorization.

Other features include a reading plan, verse sharing via email, text, Face Book and Twitter, bookmarks, notes, maps and much more. You can see more information about the You Bible app, as well as demo videos, right here on the site, where the App can be download. Also available are downloads of the Mp3 audio Bible as well.

The You Bible App is narrated by Alexander Scourby, the Voice of the Bible, who the Chicago Tribune wrote as having the Greatest Voice ever recorded. Users can go download the Bible app or the Mp3 Audio Bible Files right here at our website at The You Bible App is made for the iPhone, iPad, and most Android phones and tablets. “You Bible App” and “The Ultimate Bible App” are registered trademarks of Litchfield Associates who is the copyright owner.