Scourby Bible Apps Helps People Keep in Touch with the Bible Anytime/Anywhere!

For people wanting to remain in touch with Bible at anytime, The Scourby Bible Apps for iOS, Kindle, Android, Galaxy, Nook and other devices helps you access the Bible like never before. A simple yet innovative way of accessing the oldest book, you can clearly hear the words of the prophecy from the 'greatest voice ever recorded', as hailed by Chicago Tribune.

 The Apps for the King James Bible by Scourby comes in a bimodal presentation, where users can read the text highlighted in yellow while hearing Alexander Scourby's magnificent voice. Alexander Scourby reading the Bible passages and pronouncing all the difficult words, with the precise clarity and expression makes the Scourby KJV Bible App understandable, joyful and inspiring.

 The easy to use Audio Bible Apps offers a lot of features. Whether it is creating your own playlists of Bible verses, a full Bible search by a book chapter, verse or phrase, personalizing the app or electronic book marking system, you can do it all and more. For people wanting Mp3 Bible downloads in their computer, iPhone, iPods or other Mp3 devices, they can have that too. The quality Mp3 Audio Bible narration of Scourby King James Bible comes in Dramatized and Voice Only styles and you can choose any one or both of them.

 Scourby's bimodal presentation is a perfect Bible study. It refers to the immense Bible information that is included in the audio and video formats with great benefits attached. Clear and greater emphasis on the words, vocabulary and fluency improves your reading, recalling and recognition skills, while instilling enhanced confidence and motivation.

Check out all of our fine products right here. Take an app tour, listen to Alexander Scourby narrate selected passages from the King James Bible, and read about the King James Bible history and ever read the biography of Alexander Scourby. It's all right here. Any if you want to order, it fast, easy and instant.