Scourby Audio Bible APPs for iPhone, Android, Tablets and iPod Touch

A Powerful New Way to Access the Bible

The Chicago Tribune stated Alexander Scourby is the World's Best narrator of Books bar none. The greatest book he ever recorded was the Bible, (the King James Bible) that voice is now available on the all new Scourby Audio Bible APP.

This new Audio Bible APP was created by combining technology, the King James Bible and the unsurpassed voice of Alexander Scourby, the Voice of the Bible. But this APP is a lot more than audio.

The Audio Bible APP delivers the Bible in a Bimodal format with text and audio combined together, so the user can both listen and read the Bible in a synchronistical way with yellow highlights on the words being read. Studies have shown and reports stated that using this Bible Study tool, measurably increasing your understanding, comprehension levels and memory. The Bible APP has functional features that permit users to search the Bible by Book and Chapter or words or phrases; and reading the Bible through is both easy and enjoyable. It even has a playlist feature where you can assemble favorite scriptures for instant recall.

Up to very recently if you wanted to study the Bible, you would had to do it like it was done in 1611 and find a book. But with the all new Scourby Audio Bible APP, access has never been easier or quicker. Ministers have discovered this APP as a perfect tool for both Bible Study and sermon note references that they store on their tablet.

Parishioners love it as well since the very same tools are now available to them and following the Minister is both easy and fun since scripture look up is instant.

Its size makes it convenient for users to take with them wherever they go for instant access and at the ready when and where they need it. When they need a little inspiration or a little daily bread, they just search, click and play, it's easy and quick and puts the Bible as short tap away. Beside APPS for Android and iPhone devices, there are also Bible MP3 downloads available for MP3 players and personal computers Here is what a couple users had to say about their APP:

The Bible is Now Addicting with the Scourby Bible App. Socurby Voice is just incredible,               Candace Lachuma, Wilimington, DE                                                                                                         

God bless this man. His voice REALLY DOES make listening to the King James Bible "addicting". I could listen to Mr. Scourby read the Bible all day, What a voice, The Chicago Tribune was 100 percent correct.                                                                                                                                                   Robert Benson, San Diego, CA

The Scourby Audio Bible APP for iPhone ipad, Ipod Touch and Andriod devices, is the newest way to access the oldest book.  Take an App Tour and see if you agree.