Litchfield Associates Announce Continued Efforts and Support for the Scourby Audio Bible App

 The developers admit that the initiation of the project was risky at first, with 'so many Audio Bibles out there,' but you can hardly mention Audio Bible without referring to Alexander Scourby, who is reputed as the voice of the Bible, and who has no equal, according to the Chicago Tribune.

 Alexander Scourby's recordings have been used in households and Biblical presentations for a long time. The American Association for the Blind worked with him in producing a lot of products for the physically challenged, and won him national recognition, which has been immortalized by awarding other remarkable narrators with an award in Alexander's name.

 His voice is still in use today, and with the latest technology in the most portable devices that currently exist. The efforts of Litchfield Associates in adopting and transforming the legacy of Alexander scourby into a compact downloadable App has been met with a lot of positivity and support.

 According Litchfield Associates, the Bible App appeals to those who have over the years listened to the Voice of Alexander's Scourby's recordings, while the younger crowd appreciates the modern Bimodal presentation where the app reads back the text as it is highlighted. It's easy to use interface is largely responsible for integrating new technologies with those who appreciate the legacy of Alexander Scourby.

 The App, which presents the narration of the King James Bible, has been a project 400 years in the making according to, the support and information website for Scourby Bible Apps.The Bible app are great for Bible Study, looking up Bible passages and scripture verses and just to have with you wherever you go for ready access.

 Litchfield Associates appeals to it's growing people who use the App for Bible study and continues to support users on, its Facebook page Scourby Bible App and Twitter Support portal @Scourby Bible App.The Bible app is made as an Android Bible app or iPhone Bible App