Scourby Bible App Responds to the Needs of all Listeners

Litchfield Associates understands that there are many types of listeners, those who prefer a passive yet engaging listen,  

others require a slower presentation while others work well with a fast paced vocal presentation.

Following a concerted effort in research, users have reported that the Scourby Audio Bible App responds across the entire spectrum of listener types.  

The most impacting part of the Audio Bible App is the narrator himself. Alexander Scourby, who is known as the Voice of the Bible and as having the "greatest voice ever recorded, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, is the key component of the Bible app.  Born in an age when technology was evolving to the sophistication we now have, Alexander Scourby rich and resonant voice is documented as a powerful and impressive.  He worked in cinema,  on Broadway, in movies, on Television and did numerous commercials and National Geographic specials.

However, his greatest body of work was narrating over 500 audio books for the American Foundation for the Blind during his life time permitting the blind to hear what they could not read.  However, his greatest work was the recording of the King James Bible in the 1950's, which is still the best and most popular Audio Bible recording to this very day. Although many others have recorded the King James Bible and the many other Bible translations, Alexander Scourby is still regarded as the very best narrator of the Bible and is known as the Voice of the Bible. The Chicago Tribune wrote that he has the greatest voice ever recorded and the article is reprinted on along with his biography.

The recording of the King James Bible was one of Alexander Scourby's greatest work and he valued that more than anything else he ever did.  His narrations quickly became a hit with millions and he gained instant fame worldwide for his Biblical narrative ability.  

It appears combining the greatest voice ever recording with the greatest book ever written is a match made in heaven and is receiving rave reviews with users. In fact, the Audio Bible app has been rated number 1 with both Android and iPhone users and the Audio Bible Mp3 has been rated number 1 with mp3 users. Users have also indicated it's the greatest tool for Bible study they have ever found.

This new technology has made it possible for millions the world over to instantly download either the Audio Bible App or the Bible Mp3 download anywhere in the world and the.  Response has been 'overwhelming' and 'increasingly inspiring' as more and more people take advantage of this new technology to download both the Bible apps for Android and iPhones as well as the Bible Mp3 download for Mp3 players and personal computers.

Litchfield Associates is the producer and owner of the Scourby Bible App and the Bible Mp3 download and distributes them on their web site at and the iTunes store.  On this page you can listen to the unequaled voice of Alexander Scourby narrating selected passage and you can take a Bible app tour at and hear more readings by Alexander Scourby.