Online King James Bible

At we offer a number of different Bible APPs and Bible Downloads for the King James Bible that are ideal for Bible study. So what we thought we would also add was the online King James Bible so you could search the Bible for your favorite Book, Chapter of verse or for any word or word combinations.  It's not here yet, but we will be offering this very soon.

We want the best for our customers, so we are searching for the best Online King James Bible we can find for our customers. I know when I am on a web site I often think about searching for a word in the Bible and then I have to find an online King James Bible, since that is the only one I read and listen to, and then look up what I am looking for. Now, when you are on and you want to look up a word, you don't have to go elsewhere, just click, search and display.

There are many online Bible's, but here is what one person had to say who wrote us. "I have looked at and searched for a number of online Bible's that I could not only read, but also listen to, the Online King James Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby is just the best on the market bar none. With other narrations, I get tired after 30 minutes, but listening to Alexander Scourby narrate the Online King James Bible, I could listen to that all day".  Jerry, Dayton,OH

Others have commented that what they really like is listening to Scourby narrate all those names and places that they just kind of stare at and the fact that they can also get sample readings of the King James Bible on as well.  Many customers have suggested we put on online King James Bible on our and we listen to our customer when they speak. We find we get a lot of good ideas from our customers and we value their comments and suggestions. So if you have something you want to tell us, then please email us at and we would love to hear from you.


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