KJV Bible Accessed in a Whole New Way.

The concept of the Scourby Bible Apps is built upon the ancient practice of reading out loud the scriptural text to others during a religious meeting, a practice still carried out in some churches today. Studies have shown that the brain processes the written word and spoken word differently. Being able to both hear and read at the same time is called bimodal reception, where you get the dual input of both reading and hearing. Studies have shown the uses of bimodal input increases understanding, comprehension as well as memorization. 

Before the written word was the spoken word. The practice was done in appreciating the various levels of literacy in the crowd of listeners, who at that time were challenged with reading and writing. Narration offered them the same opportunity in interacting with the words passed down by their ancestors, and impressed by God on the hearts of the prophets of old.

Increased literacy levels have given rise to the personal reading of text for each individual, but there is always the question of personal initiative in understanding and comprehending the meaning to the words in the King James Bible. Reading the Bible is increasingly becoming a passive affair, especially when individuals read for themselves.

Narration was not only for appreciating the literacy levels of the listeners, but it provided a personal and intriguing opportunities for all to experience the Bible as it should be, as it was intended. A genuine response to scripture is often witnessed in Churches and meetings that involve studying and reading the Bible, because it sounds better when it is heard.

The efforts of Alexander Scourby and Litchfield Associates are geared towards preserving this age old intent in presenting the Bible. There is a lot more to hear that what can be read, and according to psychologists, listening is a skill that is achieved sooner than visual comprehension, which means there are far more cognitive structures in audio than there are in visual, almost every visual presentation can be associated to a sound, as with each written word.

In getting the benefits of Narration and the new presentation of the King James Bible, Litchfield Associates recommend logging on to scourby.com, and get more information on Bimodal presentation, the heritage of the King James Bible, and the products that will increase your response from an experience with the Bible.

Litchfield Associates are the owners and distributors of the Scourby Audio Bible App as well as the Narrations of Alexander Scourby of the King James Bible.  Recent technology has made it possible to access the King James Bible in a whole new way and being able to carry it with you wherever you go for instant access, when you need it. And it's presented in a bimodal presentation of both text and audio. The Audio Bible app are made as an Andorid Bible app or iPhone Bible app for both phones and tablets. There is also a Bible Mp3 download for mp3 players and personal computers. 

The Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded. Now you can get the greatest voice narration the greatest book ever written.