KJV Bible 403 Year Legacy

Litchfield Associates is maintaing that the 402 year legacy of the King James Bible through the Scourby Audio Bible app. The use of the greatest voice ever recorded narrating the greatest book ever written is a driving force in keeping the original text intact and still the most popular Bible narration in the world. 

There are numerous translations of the Bible, which now is one of the most translated and distributed book on earth. Like most translations, there is no guarantee that the accuracy of the original text will be passed down through to other translations, and there is a danger of the watering down syndrome when newer translations are continually published simply for copyrighting purposes and not necessarily with the intent of making the translation more accurate. 

A narrated text cannot be changed, unless recorded over again. The initial intention of Alexander Scourby was to provide an accurate audio Bible for the blind so they could hear what they could not read. In an age where text can easily be changed to mean something differently, audio recordings remain binding, with literally no way of altering the meaning intentionally or unintentionally. The reader is merely reading from the book. The skill of the reader in meaningfully conveying the words of what he is reading varies widely between narrators.  This is where Alexander Scourby excells and is regarded the World over as the Voice of the Bible.

Litchfield Associates asserts that if you consider the changing times, and the changing intent in handling various Bible translations, that it is obvious that the other translations are not as concerned with accuracy as they are with getting a newer translation copyrighted and on the market to sell. 

The Scourby Audio Bible Apps uses the original source, the unadulterated King James Bible, still the most accurate translation in the world today. The company is intent on keeping the purity of the KJV Bible and preserving its 403 year legacy as the pure Word of God alive for future generations.  

With that profound goal in mind, Litchfield Associates is proud to carry the time tested King James Bible forward into the new century thereby enabling Bible Believers the world over to have the finest and most accurate Bible narration in existence. 

The Scourby Bible App is the most modern and the most compact method of accessing and also preserving the King James Bible as it was presented more than four centuries ago. The Audio Bible app is available as an Android Bible app and IPhone Bible APP for phones and tablets. There is also a Bible Mp3 Download for MP3 players and personal computers. 

Litchfield Associates recommends reading about the history of the King James Bible at Scourby.com, which is the official site for the sales and distribution of the Audio Bible apps and the Bible Mp3 Download. There you can read about the King James Bible and also about Alexander Scourby. We have also reprinted the article from the Chicago Tribune where they wrote that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded and is the world's best audio book narrator bar none.

On the web site you can listen to Alexander Scourby narrate selected Bible passages and take a Bible App tour. In fact we have put a couple videos on this page as well. So enjoy and may God Bless you as you listen to his Word.