The Audio Bible App is the Greatest Advancement Since the Gutenberg Press.

Since the advent of digital downloads the audio Bible has been the newest way to access the oldest Book for millions. announces the all-new You Bible App for iPhone and Android users, and the all-new Audio Bible Mp3 download for iPods, Mp3 players and computers. These are the newest ways to access the oldest book and are becoming the Bible of choice for millions.

The Gutenberg Press, with movable type, was invented in 1439 by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. The press enabled the automated printing of books, which up until that time had was the Gutenberg Bible in Latin.

Up until a few short years ago if you wanted to access the Bible, you would have had to do it like they did in 1611 and pick up a book a read it. The Ultimate You Bible app and the Mp3 Audio Bible download is changing the way millions are now accessing the KJV Bible. This new technology is making it possible for users to carry the Bible with them and access it anytime and anywhere for instant inspiration and guidance.

The developer reported that “the powerful patent pending hands free operation of the audio and text being synced together with the text being read highlighted in yellow, gives the user a dual dimension input called a bimodal presentation. This simply means being able to hear and read the words at the same time”. It’s been reported that studies have shown that this kind of presentation increases understanding as well as being able to better remember the content of the book. stated that there are many other features, like word and book chapter and verse search, custom playlists where you can put favorite verses in a special playlist and then play it back with text and audio synced together, bookmarks, notes, daily Bible verse, videos and sharing via email, text, Face Book and Twitter. All of these unique and useful features have made the App the Ultimate Bible App and the perfect Bible companion for millions.

The You Bible App is narrated by Alexander Scourby, the Voice of the Bible, who the Chicago Tribune wrote as having the Greatest Voice ever recorded. Users can go download the Bible app or the Mp3 Audio Bible Files right here at our website at The You Bible App is made for the iPhone, iPad, and most Android phones and tablets. “You Bible App” and “The Ultimate Bible App” are registered trademarks of Litchfield Associates who is the copyright owner.