Bible App Download is Breaking All Records.

You Bible App is changing the way millions are accessing the Bible. has announced that their You Bible App is breaking all records for bible downloads since their newest Bible App release in April of 2015. The company stated that “our patented pending features with a bimodal hands free interface delivers the text and audio synced together with the verse being read highlighted in yellow”. “The App is referred to as, “The Ultimate Bible App”.

Users report that there very favorite feature is the You Bible App custom playlist, which enables users to organize their favorite verses in individual playlist. The Bible App will then play them back with text and audio synced together. The Company stated that, “the Playlist is so powerful that if a user wanted to they could reorganize all 31,102 verses in any order users so chooses, but added no one probably would ever want to do that, but the capability is there”.

Another favorite feature for users is the repeat button that users find very useful when they want to memorize certain Bible verses. Other features include bookmarks, notes, history, maps, videos, sharing verses via email, text, Face Book or Twitter and more. The Bible app for Android and the Bible App for iPhone is said to be ideal for those two platforms.

Until just a few short years ago, if anyone wanted to access the King James Bible they would have had to do it like they did in 1611 and pick up a book. However, with today’s amazing technologies, you can download the King James Bible as an audio Bible for Mp3 players, iPods and computers or download the You Bible app for iPhone and Android devices that goes where you go. One user stated that having the Bible App at the ready is a great source of inspiration and guidance anytime or anywhere.

The You Bible App is narrated by Alexander Scourby, the Voice of the Bible, who the Chicago Tribune wrote as having the Greatest Voice ever recorded. Users can go download the Bible app or the Mp3 Audio Bible Files right here at our website at The You Bible App is made for the iPhone, iPad, and most Android phones and tablets. “You Bible App” and “The Ultimate Bible App” are registered trademarks of Litchfield Associates who is the copyright owner.