Audio Bible History

Alexander Scourby was the first to record an audio Bible in the 1950's. He recorded it on long play records for the American Foundation of the Blind.  Those long play records of the King James Audio Bible blessed an untold number of blind people as they listened to them.

Then in the 1970's a new technology came out and it was an 8 track player and they started putting music on those 8 tracks and they also put the audio Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby on those as well.  However, those 8 tracks were big and bulky and so a new technology was developed called the cassette tape a much smaller device.   Sure enough, they put the Audio Bible by Alexander Scourby on the Cassette tapes as well.  However, the Bible is 72 hours and it took 72 cassette tapes to record the entire audio Bible.      

For a number of years there was a battle between the 8 tracks and the cassettes to see which device would prevail. Finally by the end of the 1970's the cassettes prevailed basically because it was smaller and easier to handle and store.  Even then people like there devices to be smaller.  So from 1980 into the 1990's the cassette tape were king and tens of millions of music tapes were sold, but guess what, millions of audio Bibles narrated by Alexander Scourby were sold as well.

Then in the early 1990's a new technology came out and that was the CD's and there was another battle between the CD and the cassette tape.  In a few years the CD's won that battle because the technology was better so the Audio Bible by Alexander Scourby was put on CD discs and millions more were sold.      

Then in the 2000's a new technology came out called MP3 audio files and DVD's and now you could put the audio Bible on 5 discs and so more millions were sold.  However, during this another technology was unfolding and that was the computer and the internet and in 2006 a technology called digital downloads was being developed and now you could download the Audio files to your computer and MP3 players and sure enough the Audio Bible by Alexander Scourby was again there with that new technology.

Then technology took a real leap forward with the creation of media devices like Iphones, Android Phones, smaller computers and tablets and with that advance in technology there came application software for those devices called APPS and sure enough the Audio Bible APP narrated by Alexander Scourby was developed for those devices.     

It's quite amazing that Alexander Scourby was the first ever to record an Audio Bible in the 1950's and his audio Bible was used on every new technology since that time. He is still regarded as the world's best narrator of the Bible and in fact the Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded and that is true to this very day. You can read the entire Chicago Tribune article on our web site.

 What is next for the Audio Bible, God only knows. But we can know this for sure, whatever it is our audio Bible will be right there with that new technology. God has always used new technology and mans inventions to speak to his people; the audio Bible in the format of the Bible APP is the new technology that God can use to speak to you today.  God bless you as you listen to his Word.

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