Launches Scourby Audio Bible Apps and MP3 Bible Downloads

The Greatest Voice Narrating the Greatest Book

Summary: announced the launch of Scourby Audio Bible Apps providing access to the King James Bible Bible in the voice of Alexander Scourby. A unique combination of voice and text ensures better understanding, comprehension and vocabulary. Some of the features of the app include bookmarking, history page and creation of playlists among others.   

 London, UK January 9, 2013 today announced the launch of Scourby Audio Bible Apps, which provides access to The King James Bible in the voice of Alexander Scourby, a renowned audio book narrator, for mobile device platforms including android and iOS among others. Text and audio is presented together and one can do Bible Study in a whole new way. The addition of audio enhances understanding, vocabulary and comprehension to name a few, this is called a bimodal presentation.

The text read in the Bible passages is highlighted in yellow and helps keep track of things as well. Other features include search, Bible verses, creation of playlists and electronic bookmarking. The Audio Bible APP eases the scripture verse and allows access to Bible irrespective of the time and place where one is present. The app also permits users to create sleep time playlists of 30, 60 and 90 minute duration and play it while sleeping. In addition, it continues to play even when the user moves to a different application. The history page and electronic bookmarking features are provided to keep a track of the progress. There is also a feedback button for the users to send an email to the developers.

The app is available for iOS platforms for iphone and android phones, tablets and as Bible MP3 download. layers. The web site is also offering a special offer, anyone purchasing an app for $19.9, get all other Bible downloads on half price.

About Alexander Scourby

Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded. Known as the 'Voice of the Bible,' Alexander Scourby is one of the most popular and renowned book narrators in the world. He recorded over 500 books during his entire life with the Bible becoming the best seller and his most treasured narration. His gifted voice has bought joy, comfort and inspiration to millions all over the globe.