Android Bible History

The Android mobile devices were put on the market in 2008. The operating system is open source and that technology has now overtaken APPLE and Android is the world's best selling operating system for smart phones.  Why do they call them Smartphone's?  It's not the phone that is smart, just like the fastest computer in the world is not smart. What makes them smart is a little word called software. Without software the phones would be useless.

It's the software applications that make the Smartphone's smart and development companies started to turn out amazing application software, called APPs, for the Smartphone's. Those APPs are sold all over the world.  An APP that was created for the Android that is now sweeping the marketplace is the Bible APP for the Android, and so now users can have an Android Bible

The Android Bible APP technology uses the King James Bible of the Bible and couple it with the greatest voice ever recorded, Alexander Scourby and the result is an Android Bible with features that Bible enthusiasts could not even have dreamed of just a few short years ago. Features like:

  1. Searching for Book, Chapter and verse in seconds
  3. Searching for words and bringing up were every word appears in the Android Bible. For example, did you know that love appears 281 times in the Android Bible, faith appears  231 times, hope appears 121 time, joy appears 155 times and charity appears 24 times
  5. Create playlists of the above or search for your favorite Bible verses and put them into a playlist for future reference.
  7. Create playlist of your favorite verses that you want to fall asleep listening to, or ones that bring encouragement.
  9. Listen to the Android Bible through in a time of your choosing. Did you know that if listen to the Android Bible for only 20 minutes a day you can get through your Android Bible in one year
  11. Android Bible has an electronic bookmark so it will take you back to where you left off.
  13. Can change font size and type.
  15. Android Bible has a night reading mode.

When Google brought out the android operating system they didn't know what to call it so they just called it the Angel Cake and so they decided to stick to that line of names so here is the list they came up with and we had a Bible for those as well.

  • Android Bible 1.0 Angel Cake - Released 9th February 2008
  • Android Bible 1.1 Battenberg - Released 9th February 2009
  • Android Bible 1.5 Cupcake - Released 30th April 2009
  • Android Bible 1.6 Donut - Released 15th September 2009
  • Android Bible 2.0/2.1 clair - Released 26th October 2010
  • Android Bible 2.2 Froyo - Released 20th May 2010
  • Android Bible 2.3 Gingerbread - Released 6th December 2010
  • Android Bible 3.0 Honeycomb - Released 2nd February 2011
  • This concludes our Android history lesson. Until the next OS upgrade

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