The 4000 Year Evolution of the Bible from Being Etched in Stone to Bible MP3 and Audio Bible APPS.

The King James Bible was printed in English, in England, 403 years ago in 1611. However, the story of how we got our first English Bible started thousands of years earlier.

Christian believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God to mankind and that God preserved his word down through the Centuries.  That feat involved the first real exercise in memorization, since God's Word was passed on verbally generationally with great accuracy. The earliest origins of the Bible, was approximately 4000 years ago. Those were recorded in songs, the spoken word and poetry since at that time there was no written Word.

The final "Bible" product was the King James Bible, first published in England in 1611.  However, that final process took 2400 hundred years to evolve. It involved literally thousands of people and even the Roman and English Empires.  It's one of the most renowned historical happenings in the World and one of the greatest coincidences ever without divine intervention.

The Story of the Bible, using that as a collective term spanning 4000 years of history, is one of repression, persecution and brutality.  From the very beginning, the established powers attempted to repress the Word of God. They rejected the Words of Christ, which led to his crucifixion, to the martyring of the Apostles, to feeding Christians to the Lions in the Coliseum, to the Inquisitions, to the many martyrs that gave their lives for believing in God's Word found in the Bible. That repression and persecution continues to this very day in countries all over the world where people are still killed and imprisoned for their belief in the Bible. What is so threatening by, "this is my commandment that ye love one another".  

Few people know this important fact that in 14th and 15th century England, the Latin Bible was the official Bible for the Church of England.  The Bishops, scholars and people who could read Latin could read the Bible, however, the vast majority of the common people could not even read English let alone Latin.

At that time the Church of England and the Government of England were one and for some strange reason they thought that if the common people had a Bible in their language it would some how present a threat to their power structure.  So the Church of England and the Government of England conspired together to prevent the common people to have a Bible printed in English. The Government passed a law making it a crime punishable by death for anyone to write of speak words from the Latin Bible in English.   

However, the spirit of God moved on people like William Tyndale and John Wycliffe and others to translate the Bible into English.  Some common people learned the Lord's Prayer in English and started to recite it to friends and families. What was the Government of England's response?   They arrested anyone caught speaking or translating the Bible in English and brutally murdered them by burning them at the stake. Over a period of 200 years thousands of people were killed for the heinous crime of just speaking or writing words from the Latin Bible in English. It is almost inconceiveable that could have happened in jolly old England, but it did.

William Tyndale was the most prolific translator of the Latin Bible into English. He could speak 6 languages and was so fluent in them that no one could tell which one his first language.  He not only translated the New Testament into English, but also had them printed in Europe and smuggled over to England and then distributed them. He distributed tens of thousands of English Bibles to the people. However, a friend betrayed him and he was captured and the Government and Church burned him at the stake for his crime. as well. 

Just before he died he shouted, "Lord open the eyes of the King of England".  That prayer was answered and just 3 short years later King James of England decided to stop the killing and authorize an official translation of the Bible in English to be printed and sanctioned by the Government of England.  That is why it's called the King James Bible.

We have posted the dramatic video of that story on this page and it's free for you to watch right now. It's the Story of the King James Bible and it's called the Indestructible Book and it's a story you will never forget and you will learn many things you never new about the lives that were taken so we could have a Bible in English. It will give you a new appreciation for the King James Bible. It's only 28 minutes and we posted it at the top and bottom of this article.

Although since that time many other versions of the King James Bible were printed, many historians and Bible Scholars believe the King James Bible is still the most accurate version today and that the majestic beauty of its Words are incomparable.

Today by merging the King James Bible, with the voice of Alexander Scourby and Application software for Android and Apple mobile devices. This treasured work is now available as Bible Mp3 Download or as an Android Bible and IPhone Bible with rich features that only a few years ago were unthinkable.

God has always used the creations of man to both preserve his word and speak to his people. The Scourby Audio Bible app is just one more creation, spanning a 4000 years of history, that God is using today to speak to his people.  You can find out more about the Scourby Audio Bible app for the King James Bible at