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Amazing Narration !!!
by Indeka - mpe audio - Sep 27, 2010
I just love Alexander Scourby's narration. His voice is easy to listen too, I could listen to it for hours. And the KING JAMES BIBLE is just the best. Thank you.

Alexander Scourby, the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded, Narrates the Greatest Book ever written. Whether it's an audio bible download for MP3 players or our latest customized Apps, which are The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book, we have them for you!

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For those who would want to have an MP3 Audio bible narration of the Alexander Scourby King James Bible for your computer, lpod and Mp3 players, you can download that here.

The MP3 downloads have been newly re-mastered in stereo. The latest compression technology was used to give you the highest quality downloads for your computer, MP3 player and iPhones. Files sizes are 485 MB New Testament Voice Only. 400MB New Testament Dramatized and 1.5GB for both Old Testament Voice Only and Dramatized.

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Alexander Scourby

This King James Bible App is Changing...
the Way Millions Access the Bible

From iPhone User
Great Bible Application
For Memorization:
This application works great and does so much. If you want to memorize a verse, a chapter or a whole book, just make a playlist and set it on endless loop. It's easy. Read along with the audio while the text automatically advances, hands free. I say thank you to the developers. If you want to learn the Bible then this is the App for you.

Android YouBible App

Phone or Tablet
You Bible App includes both
the Old and New Testament!
Custom Playlists, Verse Repeat,
Reading Plans, Sharing and More!

Apple YouBible App

iPhone or iPad
Download and Start Accessing
the Bible in a Whole New Way!

Desktop YouBible App

for Windows and Mac PCs
You Bible App for Windows and Mac PC's

Same APP Features as in iPhone and Android
Powerful Playlist and Verse Sharing Feature
The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

Audio Bible MP3 Download
Voice Only $19.99

MP3 Players, iPods & Computers

MP3 download includes both
the Old and New Testament!

Download all MP3 files to your computer
and then transfers the files to your devices.
See support page for instructions.

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Audio Bible MP3 Download
Voice Only and Dramatized
Only $29.99

Download for Mp3 Audio Bible Includes Old and New Testaments. The Dramatized Version is Only Available for in the Mp3 Download and is not Available as a choice in the You Bible App.

Download all MP3 files to your computer
and then transfers the files to your devices.
See support page for instructions.

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Audio Bible Mp3

Alexander Scourby has set the standard for audio Bible recordings and it’s available in an KJV Mp3 Download format today. The Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby, is the “Greatest Voice Ever Recorded”. You can now get that greatest voice narrating the “Greatest Book ever written”. If you are looking for the best King James audio Bible download, there is none better than the newly re-mastered audio Bible. It’s available in both the Audio Bible Mp3 and in our KJV Bible App. You will find both the King James Audio Bible Mp3 and the KJV Bible app to be a perfect Bible Companion and thoroughly enjoy them as the newest way to access the Oldest Book!

Convenient and Easy to Use

The ease and convenience of audio Bible Mp3 downloads will allow you to enjoy an audio recording of the Bible no matter where you are or what you are doing. We have made it very simple to use the Audio King James Bible Mp3 on your computer, on your iPod and mp3 players, and of course on iTunes. You can enjoy the Mp3 audio KJV Bible narration in the comfort of your home or while on the go. All of the Mp3 downloads have been new and expertly remastered in stereo for the ultimate listening experience.

Remastered Using the Latest Audio Editing Software.

The Scourby Audio was remastered in 2016 and is available on both the Scourby Bible Mp3 and on our Bible Apps as well. The latest audio editing software was used during the remastering process and provides the highest possible audio quality for your listening enjoyment, and sounds like it was recorded in a modern sound studio today.

For the best Holy Bible audio, choose the best, ownload the Scourby audio Bible mp3 audio today. We offer the best prices and the highest quality Mp3 Bible download app available on the market. Don’t settle less, settle for more and download the Scourby KJV Bible Audio today at and see why people the world over choose the King James Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby.