Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live. John 5:25

Bible Audio

What is a Bible Audio? Thatís a reference to a Bible that you can listen to on your computer or Mp3 Player. From 1611 until 1970, if you wanted to access the Bible you would have to pick up a book and read it, just like they did in 1611. However, with the invention of cassette tape Technology in the early 1970s, it became possible to put books on tape and users could listen to the book instead of reading it. It instantly became a huge success, and The King James Holy Bible immediately became a bestseller on cassette tape, as was 1611 printed Bible.

The problem with cassette tapes, however, was the magnetic tape would bleed through and the tape would deteriorate overtime. In the early 90s, CD Technology was invented which did away with the away with the deterioration problem. However, you needed 60 CDs for an entire set of the King James Bible, and that was cumbersome.

In the early 2000ís, Digital recordings became available and you were then able to put an entire book on digital files that you could then download to your computer. The user could then select the chapter of the Bible they wanted to listen to and simply click and play. Soon, people wanted a mobile device they could put the digital files onto so they could take it out of their home ans with him to play on the go. The MP3 player was created for that specific purpose. The user would simply transfer the Bible audio files from their computer to their MP3 player, and take it with him to use outside of the home. This became an extremely valuable tool for the user since they could take the Mp3 Bible Download with him on car trips, for jogging, for traveling etc.

Then the advancement of Smart phones came along in 2007 and Application software soon followed that permitted the Bible Audio for the entire King James Holy Bible to be put on a mobile phone device, or as we call it today, a moBible phone. This became more and more popular as more and more Smart phones were developed and sold. Today there are billions of mobile devices being used around the world and all of them are capable of having a Bible App on them. But it all started in the early 1970s with the Bible audio on cassette tapes. Below on our order page you will find a wide range of our latest Bible audio for the newest Mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac computers and even the Bible audio Mp3 download to your computer. Yes, believe it or not, that is still a very popular download for many users who still are putting it on their computer and mobile audio players.

No matter what your needs are we have the perfect download for that need. Download the Digital product of your choice today, and start accessing the Bible in a whole new way. Like millions of others, you will soon discover it will become your perfect Holy Bible Companion.

This King James Bible App is Changing...
the Way Millions Access the Bible

From iPhone User
Great Bible Application
For Memorization:
This application works great and does so much. If you want to memorize a verse, a chapter or a whole book, just make a playlist and set it on endless loop. It's easy. Read along with the audio while the text automatically advances, hands free. I say thank you to the developers. If you want to learn the Bible then this is the App for you.

Android YouBible App

Phone or Tablet
You Bible App includes both
the Old and New Testament!
Custom Playlists, Verse Repeat,
Reading Plans, Sharing and More!

Apple YouBible App

iPhone or iPad
Download and Start Accessing
the Bible in a Whole New Way!

Desktop YouBible App

for Windows and Mac PCs
You Bible App for Windows and Mac PC's

Same APP Features as in iPhone and Android
Powerful Playlist and Verse Sharing Feature
The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

Audio Bible MP3 Download
Voice Only $19.99

MP3 Players, iPods & Computers

MP3 download includes both
the Old and New Testament!

Download all MP3 files to your computer
and then transfers the files to your devices.
See support page for instructions.

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Audio Bible MP3 Download
Voice Only and Dramatized
Only $29.99

Download for Mp3 Audio Bible Includes Old and New Testaments. The Dramatized Version is Only Available for in the Mp3 Download and is not Available as a choice in the You Bible App.

Download all MP3 files to your computer
and then transfers the files to your devices.
See support page for instructions.

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