About Us

In 1981, our predecessor company Neva, Inc, was the first to sell cassette tapes of the KJV New Testament narrated by Alexander Scourby, via TV direct response national ads. In 1984, the company entered into exclusive recording and distribution Agreements with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and Alexander Scourby. Those agreements provided that Alexander Scourby would record "new narrations" from the earlier AFB recordings, and NEVA was granted exclusive rights to copyright those "new narrations". The company did file for copyrights when the "new narrations" were completed.

In 1991 Litchfield Associates purchased all rights from the estate of Alexander Scourby, including copyrights, to all narrations that Alexander Scourby ever recorded of the King James Bible. Shortly thereafter, incredible advancements were made in technology by Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Google, Yahoo to name a few. New media was created such as CD discs, Mp3 discs, DVD's and Mp3 digital download.

In 2007, Apple released the first smart the "iPhone 1". Soon thereafter, application software, simply referred to as "APPS, began to be developed to run on those new devices. In 2008, Litchfield Associates was the first to develop a basic Bible App to run on the iPhone that was created in 2007. The Scourby Bible App combined the text of the King James Bible and the Voice of Alexander Scourby.

Since that time the "YouBible App", which was called "The Ultimate Bible App", has been updated a number of times with newer features. The newest release, with patent pending features, was published in March of 2015. Watch our demo videos and see for yourself how the YouBible works. We trust you will both, delight in and be empowered by, the newest was to access the oldest book. Download the YouBible App for yourself and start accessing, and experiencing, the Bible in a whole new way.

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