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The YouBible™ app is
resolutely designed and fastidiously fashioned.
It's not just an APP that's
technically possible, but
one that's functionally
useful. It's much more
than just another
"high tech" app.
The unparalleled features
make it your perfect Bible
companion, which is why
it's called, "The Ultimate
Bible App™". Can you
think of a better APP to
have with you for
instant inspiration?

The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

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King James Bible App Top Features

YouBible App on Your Device

YouBible app is delivered as a "complete package" including the text and audio, allowing user's access without an internet connection, anytime/anywhere.

Easy To Use Menu

Menu designed for the ultimate user experience with user interface (UI) that's easy to navigate, getting you where you want to be instantly.

BiModal Presentation…Read and Hear

Text and audio are synced together with text being read highlighted in yellow. Benefits include increased comprehension, understanding, and memorization.

Create Custom Playlists of Favorite Verses

"Love" appears 281 times in the KJV Bible. Create a "love" playlist and play the entire list back with "text and audio". No other app can do this.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

There are 31,102 verses in the KJV Bible. Set plan for 12, 9, 6 or 3 months. The YouBible app will then deliver up the appropriate daily verses to hear the Bible through in "selected" time frame.

Audio Bible Sleep Timer

Set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes at bed time and go to sleep with the Word.

Repeat Button

Repeat any verse or the chapter. Ideal for memorizing Bible verses for increased understanding and comprehension.

Full Search Engine

Search by Book, Chapter and verse or by word. Option to post Bible verse to an existing playlist, create a new one, and or share.

Jesus Words in Red

Words of Jesus in Red….can be tuned on and off in Settings.

More KJV Features

Verse Number Listed

Number of verses listed for each chapter so users will know exactly where they are at all times.

Share Bible Verses

Easily Share Bible verses via text, email or post on face book. A great inspirational share tool for friends and family.

Share the APP

Easy way to share info about YouBible app with Friends and Family.

Verse of the Day

The Bible App delivers a Bible verse of the day.

Night Mode Setting

YouBible app can be set for day or night mode.


App keeps track of where you have been.

Electronic Book Mark

YouBible app will take you back to where you left off.

Customizable Settings

Easily change font size and font type, day and night mode setting, select Bible reading plan, turn on and off red lettering for Jesus Words.

Apple Voice Over Accessibility
(for iPhone and iPads only)

Help File

Complete details on how to operate all features. Support videos are coming.


Award winning Videos about the Story of the King James.

Bimodal Bible App Demo

1) Read, 2) Listen, 3) Bimodal

Bimodal means reading and listening to the King James Bible narration by Alexander Scourby® at the same time. Our app even syncronizes the audio to the text for you. View in our App demo how it scrolls throughout the page playing the audio and highlighting the active verses for you!

Seniors Android iPhone KJV Bible App

A Better Learning Experience

Being able to both read and hear simultaneously has been demonstrated to expand comprehension, cognizance and retention. Our Bible App combines the newest advances in technology and our expertly narrated Audio Bible with ‘The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book’.

For optimal viewing, click play, then click on the little gear in lower right side to put the video in HD. Then click on full screen box in lower right corner to experience the bimodal presentation of both the audio and text.

Keeping You Connected to The Word of God

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App & Bible Audio Testimonials

"Chicago Tribune is right. Alexander Scourby® does have the greatest voice ever recorded. I could listen to him for hours and often do."

Kara Tucker – Wichita, KS

"Bimodal Presentation is ideal. Hearing and reading at same time is the best way to Study the Bible. Having the app sync the text and audio, with text highlighted as it's read, is a great hands free experience."

Thomas Milligan – Charlotte, NC

"I use to go to sleep listening to the TV, now I just put the sleep timer on for an hour and go to sleep listen to listen to Scourby reading my favorite verses."

Diane Haggerty – Shoreview, MN

"The sharing feature is one I use a lot. I'm always finding a nice inspiring verse to send. Get a lot of great comments back."

Gail Jamison – Lexington, KY

"The playlist feature is awesome. To be able to play the verses in order one after other is super. Good job."

Larry Delacruz – Baraboo, WI

"I like the way you put the number of verses at the top of each chapter. Some of the Chapters are long and others are short, now I know exactly where I am at all times."

Jennifer Hewes – New York, NY

"My eyes aren't what they use to be and being able to make the font bigger is just what I needed."

Scott Byron – St louis, MO

"The verse repeat button is ideal in helping me memorize my favorite verses. Hearing and reading the Bible at the same time has opened up a new dimension to my Bible Study."

Ryan Johnson – Dallas, Texas

"Just got through the entire KJV Bible in six months with the Reading Plan. I just set the plan and the Bible app delivered the daily number of verses to get through the Bible on time. Great technology."

Javier Ross – Los Angeles, CA

"Love the Reading plan. Just got through the entire KJV Bible in six months, I set the plan and the Bible app delivered the daily number of verses to get though the Bible on time. Love this technology."

Javier Ross – Los Angeles, CA

About Alexander Scourby

Alexander Scourby

Narrated by
Alexander Scourby®...
”the Voice of the Bible”

Click and hear why Alexander Scourby® is the "Voice of the Bible" as he narrates all those unpronounceable words from 1 Chronicles 1.

Our Bible App and companion Audio Bible combines that greatest voice ever recorded with the greatest book ever written, the King James Bible!

Get The Best Bible App or Download our MP3 Audio Bible for your MP3 player or burn to CD. Take this treasured voice narrating the King James Bible with you wherever you go!

Alexander Scourby

The Chicago Tribune wrote that,  “Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice ever recorded and is the World’s best audio book narrator bar none”.

Scourby, a radio, film and stage actor, read 422 books for the Talking Books program of the American Foundation for the Blind, including Homer's Iliad, Tolstoy's War and Peace, Joyce's Ulysses, Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury' and the King James Version of the Bible.

"We're talking about an X quality here. What really came across was the fact that he was believable," Weightman said. "Beautiful voices are a dime a dozen, but when you get the quality of believability, that's something rare."

"His readings certainly have an elegant quality to them, she said. But what I like are his pregnant pauses-he uses his pauses so well. His subtle hints of dialect are superb."

"While most narrators try to "act" a book, raising and lowering their voices when the speaker changes from a man to a woman, Scourby simply changed the rhythm slightly, Gibson said."

Read full article

Which Version? Why the King James Bible?

"The King James Bible stands out as the one authoritative Bible in the English language." - Charles V. Turner, Ph.D., Baptist Bible Translators Institute

Learn more about KJV
KJV VS Other Bible Versions

About Us

The King James Bible was initially published in 1611 and has been a best seller every year since.

In 1950, Alexander Scourby® was the first to record the King James Bible as an audio Bible. That narration is still considered the very best Bible narration in the World. The Chicago Tribune wrote that "Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded" and is "the world's best audio book narrator bar none".

Beginning in the early 1990‘s incredible advancements in technology were made bringing about the computer age, smart phones and mobile device communications. Before long application software was developed to run on these mobile devices and was referred to simply as "APPS".

In 2009, Litchfield Associates was the first to present a basic Bimodal Bible App that combined the text of the King James Bible with the Voice of Alexander Scourby® synced up together. Now for the first time since 1611, Bible enthusiasts could now read and listen to the KJV Bible at the same time.

Our Bible App has been updated a number of times adding user-suggested features. Our newest release scheduled for March 2014, is living up to its reputation as The Ultimate Bible App™. We trust you will both delight in and be empowered by this mobile experience. Never before has it been so easy to have the KJV Bible as your constant companion. See APP Demo video Below.

Please contact us using the form below:


The two videos below reveals information about the origins of our English Bible that you probably never heard before and which will fascinate you.

The first video is the story about how we got our first official 1611 English Bible, called the King James Bible. Did you know that thousands of people were killed in England because there was a law, punishable by death, prohibiting anyone to speak or write words from the Latin Bible in English? Only 29 minutes, but a video you will never forget and will surely give you a new appreciation of your English Bible.

The second video is called the "Battle of the Bibles". This video documents the history of our "English Bibles". Did you know today, there are over 100 different versions from the original 1611 English Bible. See how the English Bible Version you are using stacks up against the original 1611 King James Bible. We hope you enjoy these videos and would love your feedback.


We work with several ministries to make accessible to the underprivileged, MP3 players that are preloaded with the Alexander Scourby® King James Bible narration. If you have been blessed...then perhaps you can consider making a small contribution to help the millions of underprivileged in the US and other parts of the world who aren't able to afford an MP3 player. Please help us help the less fortunate receive the Holy Bible on an MP3 player and gain access the Words of Spirit and Life in their corner of the World. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, just click the link below. Thank you for your support.